We see the hope and potential in every young person


Who is KW YFC/Youth Unlimited?

Youth for Christ/Youth Unlimited has been actively involved in youth outreach since the early 1940s, holding rallies in cities across Canada, England and the United States.

Since then, YFC/Youth Unlimited has continued to refine the way it reaches teenagers. It moved from rallies to youth centres, group homes, school clubs, etc. YFC/Youth Unlimited is an international organization that is now serving in 133 nations around the world con-necting with 3.5 million teenagers.

Presently, YFC/Youth Unlimited continues to focus its efforts on meeting the needs of youth, believing that each individual’s life is shaped by a number of facets that influence who they are as a whole: physical, emotional, spiritual, social and intellectual. We aim to develop each of these areas through relationships so that every youth may reach their full potential. The staff and volunteers of YFC/Youth Unlimited are dedicated to seeing young people develop holistically.

Cambridge YFC/Youth Unlimited, which is under the same leadership as KW, is a satellite of Southwestern Ontario YFC/Youth Unlimited. It was born in 2006 out of a desire in our region to meet the needs of local youth. Our primary target audience is youth ages 10 through 19. Since the spring of 2007, Cambridge YFC/Youth Unlimited has worked to im-pact the lives of young people. We have a strong desire to partner with local agencies and churches in meeting the needs of local youth. Dedicated staff and volunteers continue to offer a variety of exciting opportunities for youth including drop-in programs, silk-screening, music lessons and recording, along with intentional personal mentoring.

Cambridge YFC/Youth Unlimited is currently working to build an even stronger connec-tion with local agencies and churches in our city and surrounding area to meet the needs of youth. Our long-term plans include the expansion of our work to facilitate a greater presence and impact across the entire City of Cambridge.

We are in the start-up phase of what we hope will be a thriving new work in Kitche-ner/Waterloo. The vision and the method of outreach in KW will be very similar to Cambridge.